April 11, 1942 (Saturday)

Beverly Hills

Pick up mediocre pair of new khakis in downtown San Diego. Also bought three pair of gold-plated naval aviators’ wings ($9.00) for Trude, Betty Hines, and Mom.

On the road north I picked up a young Marine who is a member of the marine commando troop recently formed here in San Diego with Jimmy Roosevelt as second-in-command — Roosevelt is very well-liked by his men, and has, due to his position, unraveled many red tape impasses in the formation of the unit. German type “officer- men” relation, adopted, with officers sharing pup tents in the mud and standing in line with the men.

Went to Lloyd’s for dinner and damn near didn’t get in. Mell’s baby, Melinda — my cousin — is 16 months and cute as hell.

Had a good dinner with sparkling burgundy imported French which Mell very kindly remembered as being my favorite wine.

Went to Ciro’s later to hear Joe E. Lewis sing some very funny risqué songs which have gone over big in the town. Secured at 3 a.m.. Ann Sothern, etc., etc. Autographers.

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