April 12, 1942 (Sunday)

Sierra Madre

Jerked out of bed at the god-awful hour of 9:30 a.m. to go to George O’Brien’s for breakfast. Damn nice house in South Pasadena. Missed mass and had lunch at U.S. Naval Hospital (near Corona) with Lefty Rogers (Lt.Cmdr.). A bankrupt spa has been bought by the Navy for two million dollars. Two outdoor pools – many indoor, therapeutic pools of sulfur water.

Went on to Riverside with Dad and Lefty to get Mom out of hospital. Brought her home.

Dinner with Norm and Buff Chandler. Met Mia (Camilla) and Oats (Otis) for the first time in years (last time about 10 years ago at Long Beach – more than that — 13 years.) Both very nice kids and completely unspoiled. Servants night out. Had dinner at Sportsman’s Tavern nearby — excellent. Entertained by screwball antics of a tight customer. Rita Hayworth flounced in toward end of meal with someone whom Otis described as looking like Abe Lincoln — long-haired artist.

To bed early.

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