April 12, 1943 (Monday)

Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Got one hours notice to leave Button this morning. Threw our gear into the plane and took off at 1300. Four hours to Cactus.

Landed at the new bomber field at Koli Point, 15 miles east of Lunga Point and Henderson Field. The new field is named Carney Field. Between 30 and 40 planes on the field — 21 B-24s, 8 or 10 P-38s, and 4 P-70s (night fighters).

The field is none too good as the foundation is gravel, rather than coral. The gravel has a tendency to slide beneath the steel landing mat.

No revetments finished as yet. The planes all park on the taxi strips, which necessitates much confuse shuffling of planes two or three times a day.

We live in Dallas huts located in a thick stretch of jungle just north of the field. About a mile to the west is the Malimbo (?) River.

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