April 13, 1942 (Monday)

Sierra Madre

Spent morning playing records on Buff’s Capehart – the record changing apparatus is superb, but I’ve heard better tone for the pickup and amplifier.

Afternoon with Mom. Orange blossoms in orchard make me sneeze.

Went to Strub’s for dinner. Charley Strub seems a bit nonplussed by the government taking over Santa Anita without so much as a “by your leave.” Bob is back in New Jersey in an Army officers training camp. Mary, Virginia, and Elizabeth are just the same however though, except that Liz has grown about two feet. A very nice dinner. Made two busts; referred to Peter’s baby, Charles II, as ”she,” and referred to house as ”all this” – the house is truly nothing but a big barn of a château though.

Went to a movie after dinner and returned at 12:30 for a midnight snack. In showing me a pet duck, Mary got well dirtied up. Back to Chandlers and to bed.

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