April 14, 1942 (Tuesday)

West Los Angeles

Drove over to MGM at Culver City to watch Lloyd working on set of “Apache Trail” – very interesting. Lloyd was, as always, the complete villain — even to the livid scar on his cheek. Particular scene laid in stockade on Apache Trail — adobe buildings, horses, dusty patio, Apache Indians. Good supporting cast. Met them all, including the heroine — mmmm. Had pictures taken.

Wandered through several sets later, one with Judy Garland and some opera star and another with Mickey Rooney (in an Eton collar!)

On way to Mell’s picked up a panda teddy bear in Westwood Village for Melinda, who is certainly a damn cute baby.

Dinner at Lloyd’s with Dell Dave and his wife Mary Lou — both top-notchers if ever I saw any.

Left early and turned in at Chandlers in Sierra Madre.

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