April 15, 1943 (Thursday)

Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Swam in the river today. Good clean water. Went downstream about 3 miles and was picked up by “Strawberry” Varner on his way back to camp.

Mo Whitman buzz the old Jap- mandated Island of Greenwich at 100 feet today on patrol. He wasn’t sure it was Jap! However, he did report there is a radio station there, also a small schooner, a wharf, and seaplane anchorages. Wish that I’ve had that sector as there wouldn’t have been much left of anything when I finished bombing and machine-gunning.

Scheduled for strike at Kahili tonight. Was halfway down the field on my takeoff run when I saw the red light flashing me from the tower. Called off because of weather. However, two of the three of us were rescheduled for a night harassment on Kahili. We drew cards to see who was out (high man). Drum drew the five of hearts, Snuffy Wagoner the King of Diamonds, and I reached in and snagged the Ace of Diamonds!

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