April 25, 1942 (Saturday)

Pacific Ocean

Miscellaneous — Finished J. Frank Dobie’s “Apache Gold and Yacqui Silver” — good collection of scuttlebutt from the Southwest. Am reading G.K. Chesterton’s “The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond” — very good. Must get ahold of the rest of Chesterton’s works some day as he is excellent.

In reading a ten year old issue of National Geographic (March 1932) I came across an article on faltboating in Germany which brought back much of the wonderful trip Noje and I made through Germany in 1939 and our own “faltboot” trip down the Main and Rhine. The article mentions as especially good rivers for faltboating, the Lahn, also the Weser and the Main, and most of the rivers in Austria — the Danube, Iser, Inn, Salzach, Enns, Mur, Isle and Drau. The Isar and Drau both being classed as wild and exciting rivers (also the Enns). Next time I make a faltboot trip through Germany, and I SHALL make another, I think it would be best to begin on the Salzach and go down the Inn and the Danube to Vienna and Budapest. Faltboating as a means of covering Europe has everything else, including bicycling, beat all hollow.