April 4, 1942 (Saturday)

San Francisco

Had lunch with Liz McDonald at the El Prado.

Splashed through drizzly streets to Federal Bldg. to get my orders – 15 days leave plus Pearl Harbor! – not bad – yet. At least it’s in the right direction.

Cocktails with Mac, then up Powell to a rare book and map store, which was selling out its stock. Bought three old maps – one of the world is excellent. $25 for $35 – sale price – worth – gypped?

Went to dinner at the McDonoughs – very pleasant. Dick McDonough, Dick Diebenkorn – Deke’s from Stanford – good kids.

Met a very charming girl there, Francis “François” Harvey of Balboa, who had just lost, very tragically, her fiancé. (He died of cancer of the jaw, with her at his bedside in New York.) She is one of “Aunty Mac’s” Tri Delts.

Went to lower bar at the Mark Hopkins. Later to the ”Dawn Club” – music so corny that it is funny. Had a riotous evening.

Got home to hotel about 2 a.m. and who should walk in but Noje! Poor kid had been waiting for me all evening. Went out and had breakfast. To bed 0320.

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