April 8, 1942 (Wednesday)

Sierra Madre

Drove out to see Mom – she looks pretty good considering all. She’s in Riverside Community Hospital – expects to be allowed to go home Sunday.

Kate Schlaudeman interrupted our talk and persuaded me, with Mom’s OK, to drive her up to Yucca Loma.

Stopped in to see old Doc Bowers in Victorville. He was really glad to see me.

Walked into David Manner’s rancho and he damn near fell over. Was sure glad to see him. He has applied for a commission in the army, so I guess it’s only a matter of time before he’s in same boat as the rest of us.

Got a rousing welcome from the Ranch. We’re sure glad to see Gwennie and vice versa. Saw Betty West and her kids. Nat, Neil, and Florence still hold sway in the kitchen. Just like coming home.

Was thoroughly quizzed after dinner by David, Johnny Berry, and some army officers staying at the Ranch.

Blackout before bed. Ranch turned out lights on all – clear signal.

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