August 8, 1943 (Sunday)

“Cactus,” Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Went to Mass this morning at a new chapel over in the 703rd Bombardment Squadron area alongside the new bomber strip one mile south of Carney. Called “Chapel in the Wildwood” it was dedicated by a fairly impressive service (Protestant) and small Bibles were given to the native workers who erected the grass shack over the altar. Located in a natural amphitheater alongside a river, it is quite a beautiful spot.

Today the censorship regulations were posted concerning our personal gear which we are taking back to the States. The following must be turned in: All government equipment such as sheets, towels, helmets, gas masks. All films, pictures and cameras; this includes even personal family photographs and portraits. All DIARIES, which will be destroyed. All correspondence. All souvenirs. And so on. Needless to say, no one is very pleased by it, especially since we maybe involved in a search of our luggage and person. I’m damned if I’ll turn all my stuff in to have it destroyed. I’ve run the customs before, including the Nazi Gestapo, and I’ll do it again. What can a customs man do that a Jap Zero over Kahili can’t do? If I get caught and thrown in the clink, well and good. I’ll be a damn sight safer then I’ll ever be flying. Wonder what Portsmouth looks like?

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