August 9, 1943 (Monday)

“Cactus,” Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Had two fresh eggs for breakfast yesterday morning — the first in many months.

Weather overcast. Munda strip is rapidly being prepared for use. Something is up around Vella Lavella as we have been warned to stay away from it.

Rumor says there are four new carriers at Pearl, plus the Essex, somewhere in the Pacific. Our strength is growing. I hope it’s used against Japan proper and not piddled away in this area. Incidentally, all new carriers are equipped with F6Fs, which are said to be the equal of the F4U up to 25,000, where they leave the Corsair cold. A friend reports to going to almost 40,000 ft. in his. The Grumman company is working on the F7F, a development of the F5F.

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