Dec. 13, 1941 (Saturday)


Reported at 0800 to Cmdr. Armstrong in SF. Sat on ass for 4 hours, and was finally sent up to Hamilton Field along with an Ensign Bill Pendola — just out of Corpus Christi, and bound, like myself, for the Philippines. We were informed that we were to go along with an Army bombing squadron on its Pacific hops to help them in identifying ships.

Hopped down to Fresno in a B-18 (Douglas) and were established in a very new and very barren barracks. The squadron is flying B-24s (Consolidated).

Gave a talk to the squadron after dinner on the identification of enemy (Jap) ships. Bill Pendola says it was a good talk — I have my doubts.

Supposed to go out on a hop at 3 p.m. tomorrow.