Dec. 14, 1941 (Sunday)


After getting up blearily in the wee hours, eating breakfast, and stumbling down to the operations shack at the field, we were informed that the “mission” was cancelled. Spend the rest of the day dozing alternately on the floor and on a cot — interspersed with intervals of Jap ship study and eating.

I believe I’ve got the Jap ship identifications down fairly well.

Subs — tail fin or shark bow

Light Cruisers — One or three stacks

Destroyers — Torpedo tubes and/or one turret forward of (?foremast?)

Heavy Cruisers — “Trick” funnels (incl. drawing)

Battleships — “Pagoda” foremast

I’d like to be in the ship that discovers part of the Jap fleet off this coast.

Things seem to be turning against the Axis. Allied successes in Africa, Russia (German retreats in the Ukraine and before Moscow), and the East Indies. The little Dutch East Indian Navy is really “on the ball.” Wish ours was in proportion.