Dec. 17, 1941 (Wednesday)

Santa Clara

Not much sleep. Arrived in S.F. about 09:30 a.m. and reported to District Headquarters. Learned that I was to report to the President Polk at 1400 — 4 hours’ notice, to go to the Orient! God damn!

Drew travel pay ($230) and rented a car to get to Gram’s. Drove to Santa Clara in less than an hour — at 80 mph most of the way. Was stopped by one cop, who let me go, upon learning of my situation. Got all squared away at Gram’s — threw the stuff into my old red trunk and said good-bye. Gram had difficulty keeping back the tears — but did it very well. Got back to S.F., and after argument with auto renter (Hertz), took a taxi to the ship at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf. Nothing doing till eleven the following morning — they’re driving me crazy.

Went downtown and bought Gram a book on cacti and Mom and Dad “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon,” which is supposed to be excellent. Took train at 1215 to Santa Clara to get another pair of shoes at Gram’s. On arrival, two hours later, went to bed & slept like a rock.