Dec. 23, 1941 (Tuesday)

S.S. President Polk

Had showdown today with Hubbard. As I had anticipated for the last few days, he took his name off the watch list. Catching him in the very act, I became furious, and advised him to reconsider, if he desired to remain on speaking terms with the rest of us. In a pet, he reported to the captain, that all of us were unwilling to continue the watches, and the captain, naturally, he said O.K. He (Hubbard) came into our stateroom later, and we all told him off. I feel a bit sorry for him, as he has certainly got himself universally disliked – by everyone aboard. We sent a delegate to the captain, informing him of our loyalty, and wish to be of assistance. He sent backward, that he appreciated our offer, and that he understood fully our situation and was cognizant. We also discovered that the whole affair of watch standing had been Hubbard’s idea, which suspicion of mine, he frequently denied. Decided to forget the whole affair. A happy ending(?) to a potentially dangerous situation. However, I have no doubt that Hubbard will not soon forgive the part I played in it.