December 2, 1943 (Thursday)

San Diego

Saw Claire off this morning. It tore a piece out of me to kiss her goodbye. 

(Notes through Dec. 16)

Special fittings to PB4Y-1 #32160

Flux-gate compass, radio altimeter, extra artificial horizon, cabin with five seats and fittings in after bomb bay, two bunks on command deck, basin with 27 gallons of water available, Army aircraft refrigerator (2.5 x 4.5), two hot plates and galley equipment, storage compartment in space formerly occupied by belly turret, extra enclosed head in tail. With the exception of the belly turret, the plane has retained her complete defensive armament which should prevent Admiral Fitch from becoming a Yamamoto.

Worked on plane. Some mother and dad for last time on weekend of December 4 and 5. Saw Katy Ellis a few more times and also Betty Miller, a very charming WAVE radiomen 2/c, stationed at North Island.

Night test and navigation hop Dec. 15-16 with that S.O.B. King.

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