December 29, 1942 (Tuesday)

Barbers Point NAS

Still grounded (both planes and I). Into town this afternoon to the Halekulani. Took Group-Captain Grice, RAF, to dinner at P.Y. Change. Very excellent and tremendous T-bone steak ($4.00) almost floored him. Says he’s never saw anything so big in his life. We finished them off and staggered back to the hotel.

Decided on the subject matter for two original papers for a college degree. The first, “Excrement, it’s Care and Disposal Through the Ages” is not only thoroughly original but downright interesting. For instance, where were the toilets in the medieval castle located? What did Queen Guenevere use for toilet paper — rags, leaves, corncobs what. The second paper would be a bit more scientific. The subject matter is prompted by wartime conditions in Hawaii, to wit: “Is the Sexual Urge in Women Affected in Inverse Ratio to the Number of Males in Pursuit?” In other words, more men, more chastity. My observations here in Honolulu, where there are 165 men to each woman, lead me to believe that this is true. Reports from the mainland bear out the other side of the argument in such statements as “the morals of the women here are lower than the dogs, due to the scarcity of men.” (Quote from Mainland letter.) in any case, a very interesting theory.

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