February 20, 1943 (Saturday) 

“Cactus,” Guadalcanal

I woke this morning to realize that I had a very sunburned rear end from trotting around “a la natural” in the Lunga most of yesterday. However, I did enjoy full nights rest for a change.

Beswick has told the skipper that he wishes to turn in his wings! Davis seems to be on the verge of a nervous collapse.

Heavy rain last night. The tent floors turned into a stream. “Meathead” Gallagher went crazy with the leaks, while the rest of us howled in glee.

Hiked down to the former Jap installations on the Lunga River. Two powerhouses were captured from them complete, along with piles of crated water pumps, leaded electrical cable, insulators, glass, etc. Ran into many Jap pillboxes on both sides of the river. Much evidence of bitter fighting. Whole sections of coconut groves have been destroyed by shellfire.

An SBD spun in directly over camp this afternoon. Killed both pilot and gunner, the latter being badly mangled.

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