February 23, 1943 (Tuesday) 

“Cactus,” Guadalcanal

Started out for night raid on Vila (with a load of incendiaries) but my prop control on #2 engine went bad over the Russells and I was forced to turn back and land (with 2200 gallons  of gasoline and 4500 lbs. of bombs.) Got back just in time to get in on an air raid, which killed a number of men.

Rained steadily all day, varying between a drizzle and a deluge. The foglike drizzle made me nostalgic for old San Francisco. I give anything to hear that Powell St. cable car again.

Stayed in tent all day and read pocketbook detective stories between catnaps. A slight shortage of food. “Dinner Units” are in great demand due to cheese and the date bar contained in them. Mud, mud, everywhere — the road, the floor of the tent, our shoes, etc.