Jan. 22, 1942 (Thursday)

SS President Polk, Arafura Sea

Running east, north of the Gulf of Carpenteria. Weather warm with brilliant son. Have been zigzagging mildly.

Was on deck early this morning and saw the Houston launch whenever for SOCs for “dawn patrol.” Also witnessed the recovery of about two hours later. The recovery was very rapidly carried out and quite surprised me with its speed and efficiency. I noticed that the first run out over the horizon by the plane was made it a very low altitude — under 50 feet all the way.

Have seen quite a few of the poisonous sea snakes which abound in East Indian waters — most of the ones we have seen a bit between 2 and 5 feet long and have been colored greenish yellow with black rings.

Have not sighted any of Arnhem Land yet — are we going to miss Darwin and go right on to Java?  — hope so.

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