January 27, 1944 (Thursday)


Started for Piva Unit Strip (Bougainville) this morning but had a beauty of a tire blowout taxiing down the runway to the takeoff position. 

The admiral, rather annoyed, went on up to Piva with SCAT while we followed him later.

Three beautiful strips at Bougainville now — Torokina, Piva Yoke, and Piva Unit, in that order toward the mountains. Also at Ebu, on the NE side of the central range, is a 500 foot strip used by Cubs to supply the Fijian patrols in the area. The two Piva strips are very dusty, the ground being composed of fine volcanic dust. The perimeter of our Bougainville holdings does not extend too far beyond the strips, and one can easily hear the pounding of our artillery working over the Japs.

Returned to Munda and again spent the night.

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