July 20, 1943 (Tuesday)

“Cactus,” Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Overcast all day. Charlie was over again last night but didn’t bother us at this field. He blew hell at the new SCAT headquarters at Henderson the other night though.

The official dope seems to be out from ComPac to the effect that we are to be relieved on or about 15 August, although as I’ve said before, if they really need us, we’ll stay.

The climate around here has become excellent lately. The days are warm and not too humid, with clear skies, and the nights are cool, making possible the use of a blanket.

We still have not captured Munda yet, although though the remaining Japs are in a pretty small pocket. Learn today that Munda is to be one of the largest airbases in the Solomons with large fighter and bomber strips. The Seabees are standing by to move in and start work on any day now. They’ll have a rough time of it from the Japs for a while though.

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