July 26, 1943 (Monday)

“Cactus,” Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Another new Jap field under construction at Mabiri on the NE coast of Bougainville a few miles SE of the new strip at NumaNuma. That’s a total of three new strips under construction. Buka and Kahili have recently been enlarged. Ballale remains the same and Vila is not of much use, seeing it is practically covered by our Rendova patrol.

For the week ending 23 July, the Japs lost 80 planes to our 26 (combat + operational — 9 F4U, 8 F4F, 2 P-38, 1 P-39, 3 TBF, 1 SBD, 1 B-24, one PBY-5A). Japs’ 80 consisted of 75 VF and five float Zeros.

Radio room announce last night the dismissal of Mussolini as premier of Italy. Thus goes the first of the dictators. King Victor Emmanuel and Marshal Pietro Badoglio have taken over the government of Italy. If only Germany will soups will fall soon, we can all turn to our most menacing enemy, Japan.

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