July 29, 1942 (Wednesday)

Pearl Harbor

Worked around squadron. We only have four planes left, two of which are in A&R, so there’s not much left for us to fly. Only one patrol going out daily — we used to send out four or five.

That application I sent to Pan Am last week, was returned today! The censor refused to cable it — God damn him. As if hundreds of people in the states don’t know that VP-51 is out here — all they have to do is read the newspapers. Revised the wording and had “Porky” Aderhold OK it, and will shove it down their throats when I go in tomorrow. Hope it hasn’t hurt my chances to have it delayed.

So I newsreel tonight of the Lexington sinking and of the Arizona (right my front yard) blowing up on December 7 —the foredeck just lifted it up about six feet and a sheet of flame poured out, before she was completely engulfed in smoke.

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