June 10, 1943 (Thursday)

“Button,” Espiritu Santo

Moffett, Glanz, Beswick, Hall, and Suydam took off for Tontouta and Nouméa this morning for three or four days vacation (RHIP). Sent a note to D. and a couple of Jap souvenirs (radio box and howitzer shell) to Bill Riggs via Moffett. Would give my shirt to get down there again, and two shirts for a permanent job down there.

Rained all afternoon and night. The weather has been getting worse lately with violent double fronts to the North. Maybe the term “dry season” means only two feet of mud, instead of the wet season’s four feet.

2 thoughts on “June 10, 1943 (Thursday)”

  1. Is this the end of the diary? Where can I find out more about James Claire Nolan III? Did he ever marry D.? Did they live on Kai Mani Place?
    Thanks for publishing this diary.

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