June 22, 1942 (Monday)

Pearl Harbor

Glad I missed that brawl yesterday as most of the food was poisoned and there were some damn sick people around here last night. What’s funny to me, as the whole thing was so damn violent. Bemis, one of the squadron pilots, got in last evening from patrol in time to get a little of the food — no liquor though. He later passed out cold four times during the night, and had to be carried back to his room. Some were even carted off to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Went into town today, after picking up “Lew” Larson on the ship. Met Joe Adkinson and Arvin Shaw at the “Trader Vic’s.” Got a glow on with two “fog cutters” apiece. Adkinson and Larson are both architects, so I brought them all over to Pat Smart’s to see her very remarkable house. She was most hospitable, and showed us all over the place.

Finally back to the station and supper. Washed a few clothes before turning in – damn domestic, eh what?

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