June 7, 1943 (Monday)

“Button,” Espiritu Santo

Patrolled 750 miles NE today. Results negative. Some self-swelled PATSU chief took it upon himself to put two SeaBee Ensigns aboard for the ride (and undoubtably for some small benefit to himself). One of them drove me crazy with stupid questions until I had to tell him to shut up and go aft, and the other relieved himself thoroughly in the toilet without first putting in the necessary paper bag. When I learned this I blew up. We are not, on Moffett’s orders, supposed to take out passengers anyway. And above all, it’s never done without the express permission of the PPC concerned. Raised hell when I got back.

Saw Alice Faye in “Hello, Frisco, Hello,” very good. About the plushy era in S.F.

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