March 12, 1943 (Friday) 

“Buttons,” Espiritu Santo

Squadron departed, bag and baggage, for Button this morning, leaving me the rather flattering assignment of taking the Marine staff up to Munda and Vila to look over the lay of the land for the next “push,” which is coming soon. Conferred with the General, a bunch of Colonels, and Lt.Col. James Roosevelt on the area to looked over.

Took off at 1330 with a Colonel and three Lt.Cols (one staff, two commandos, and one paratrooper). Looked over Jap positions at Wickham Archorage, Viru Harbor, Rendova Harbor, Munda Field, Vila Field, and Kolombangara Island. Was escorted by eight P-38s and eight P-40s (the latter under Capt. Little). Passed over Munda at 9000 and received light, but accurate AA fire. Passed by Vila Field twice, once at 7,000 and again at 6,500. Circled Kolombangara and returned down the north coast of New Georgia. Took movies of flight. Staff seem very pleased with my coverage.

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