May 11, 1943 (Tuesday)

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Said goodbye to “Cutthroat” Lawless (Joseph Lawless, 1st Lt.USMC), “Boils” Ludwig (Lafe Ludwig, Lt. MC-USNR), “Saroyan” Allegrini (D.E. Allegrini, Lt. MC-USNR), “Gas Attack” Bowling (G. Bowling, Lt. DC-USNR), “Card Sharp” Goodloe , and “Mac” MacElfresh (PT Boats). Also the doctor in charge of us, G.G. Burkley (Lt.Cmdr.-USNR), one hell of a fine fellow.

My orders sent me to Comfair (Commander Fleet Air Wings) on Ile Nous where I looked up Lt.Cmdr. F. Foley in regard to a future position on ComAirSoPac Staff when my squadron goes back to the states. Foley jumped up and shook my hand while crowing I was the very first person who would ever come to him asking to stay down here.

Went ashore in the evening to say au revoir to D.

Beautiful night. Coming back to the island, the countless ships in the bay were silhouetted against a clear new moon. The boat coxswain turned on the spotlight and thousands of small fish began jumping.

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