May 13, 1943 (Thursday)

No transportation available till tomorrow so I called D. this morning. Met her on the beach at MOB 5 during the noon hour. Bill Riggs (Cmdr. USN ComSoPac) came down and asked us both to “Havoc Hall” for dinner. Riggs, whose usual companion is Ashford, is truly one fine chap.

Dropped in to see the old gang at the hospital. Same pile of bullshit on the floor.

Grabbed off D. after work and went for a walk till Riggs arrive to take us to Havoc Hall. The Hall, a former home of some Frenchmen, is very comfortably fitted out, the main decoration being an excellent small bar (well decorated). Met a large array of Captains, Commanders, and Lt.Cmdrs., who however did their best to make me feel at ease. A Captain Sease, in charge of the Russell Island construction, had some very interesting stories to tell of his idyllic life as a naval attaché in Rio de Janeiro. The dinner included excellent lobster – the first in years.

Admiral Calhoun dropped in shortly before I had a chance to catch the last boat to Ile Nou. Said goodbye to D. and Riggs at the dock. Promised to send him some Jap trinket for his little boy. Light drizzle falling (a’la San Francisco).

Have definitely decided to marry Diane as soon as I’m through combat flying, which shouldn’t be too far off. She is truly the girl I’ve been looking for all these years. We’ve decided on an unofficial engagement.

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