May 22, 1943 (Saturday)

“Button,” Espiritu Santo

No sign of Charlie’s friends despite clear weather and a full moon last night. I guess those night fighters have them worried. Incidentally, P-38s, without benefit of radar, have been doing excellent night fighting along with A-20s. The P-38s depend on the searchlights to light up their prey. They’ve already downed three or four. 

Had to fly Clark’s crate, #3, down this morning, as he took my #6 down to Button yesterday, damn him. I don’t like to have him flying my airplane as he is a stinking pilot whose eventual crash is only a matter of time. Raised hell about his taking my plane as so much. 

Flew from Carney Field, Guadalcanal, to Bomber #2, Espiritu Santo in 3 hours and 15 minutes! Took off fourth, 15 minutes after skipper who was first, and headed for Button at 8,000 feet. Ran into a medium front south of San Cristobal and let down to 1,000 feet to duck under it. As I was passing from the first to the second curtain, a Mitsubishi 01 or 97 passed from west to east at about 6 miles behind me. When directly behind me he turned toward me with the intention of sneaking up on me, when I turned around to see what he was up to, he turned and climbed into a cloud. I didn’t want a fight, with the load I had. 

When I cleared the front I climbed back to 8,000 and headed for home with 35 inches and 2,200 RPM. Raced Stack Glanz in for the finish. Was #1 to land but he cut me out and landed first having made the trip himself in five minutes last time at 10,000 all the way. 

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