May 24, 1942 (Sunday)

Pearl Harbor

Swam two lengths of the tank underwater again this morning – to prove it some doubters that I had done it before.

Got a cockpit check out in the B-26B in the afternoon. There are four B-26s stranded here – the rest having gone on to Australia where they were in the Coral Sea fight, and, according to the Army pilots, sank nine Jap ships with torpedoes. The approved to be such an effective land-based torpedo plane, for the Navy now wants them – and the Army says no (and I don’t blame them). They launch their torpedoes a little less than 200 ft. and 200 mph which is a Less than 200 feet and 200 mph, which is a tremendous jump over the launching figures of only a few years ago 100 ft. 100 mph). If the Navy get them maybe we’ll fly them.

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