May 25, 1942 (Monday)

Pearl Harbor

Another patrol – West – just my luck, seeing that a returning task force is coming into the South-West, my usual sector.

This Rothenburg I’m flying with gives me a pain in the ass at times, although he’s a good enough kid at heart. Will be glad when I get my PPC (Patrol Plane Commander) ratings pretty soon. Lieutenant Suydam (Flight) says he wants me to have it by the end of this month, which isn’t far off.

Lt. Moffett, the Exec., has finally given me a job about the squadron (they have so many damn officers (65) but there isn’t enough work to go around). I’m to be Intelligence Procurement Officer or some such title. Anyway I collect all possible data, secret, confidential, and otherwise, on the islands of the South Pacific and regards for their use as bases. Also any stray data on Jap tactics and planes. Just up my alley! I’m really pleased.

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