May 29, 1942 (Friday)

Pearl Harbor

Had the duty today, but didn’t break my neck on it. Couple carrier groups arrive from the East Coast — minus their carriers — to help fill in a few of the holes the Japs have put in the Lex and Yorktown groups. Ran into Haas —  now a Yorktown fighter pilot and “Flips” Phillips and Lubke, both in VF 72 — the replacement group. Heard from them that all A-V(N)s up to and including my class had been made Lieutenant (junior grade) which, if it is true, will let me drag down about $350 a month.

Went out on a night landing check with Lt. Moffett and Ens. Gimber. Was a little rough and Moffett asked if I didn’t think I could use a little more time. Told him I certainly could as I’ve made about dozen water landings in the last 12 months and realized myself that I was a little rusty. Gimber did quite well. Moffett was very nice to check with as he didn’t touch the wheel once, which is a pretty hard thing to keep from doing. I like him very much.

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