May 30, 1942 (Saturday)

Pearl Harbor

Orders reach the squadron this morning making Cooper, Fleming, and myself Lieutenants, Junior Grade! Makes me feel mighty good.

Went out on a check hop with Carmichael this morning. We torpedoed (with imaginary torpedoes) a task force leaving Pearl Harbor. The Yorktown, two heavy cruisers, and six or seven destroyers succumbed to our deadly aim and intrepidity. They were all going at full speed and zig-zagging, so the practice seemed quite near to the real McCoy. We even made our approach and get-away with violent evasive evasive action. Did 4.0 on a cut-gun, single-engine landing, circular take off, and full stall.

Things are tensing up around here. Everyone is expecting the Japs to jump Midway at any moment — hence the rapid exit of the task forces after their return from the Southwest Pacific.

Took a plane out on a two hour solo hop this morning after my first flight. First solo flight I’ve made in the squadron. They are in a hurry to get me checked out as a Patrol Plane Commander.

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