May 7, 1943 (Friday)

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Saw D. at noon and went for a swim. Spoke to Bill Ashford (Lt.Cmdr. USN-ComSoPac Air Operations)  about the chances of my getting a job down here on the staff when it comes time for my squadron to go back to the states. He said he thought it could be arranged. Despite wanting to see Mom and Dad and Gram, I am not all that attracted by the prospect of a sojourn in the States, where everyone is going insane with rationing and inflation. Out here cost me less than $30 a month to live as well as anyone, while back there my whole $351.00 a month wouldn’t buy me much but the barest necessities.

Saw D. again in the evening when we went to the movie here at the hospital. Beautiful night. Went for a walk.

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