Nov. 26, 1941 (Wednesday)

Norfolk, VA

Started the day off at 0640 with Dean White crashing around drunk as a lord —just coming in from a little “poontang” party. Lowell Kuehnle showed up at the Squadron in the same condition and insisted upon bringing his girlfriend out to the plane (in a flying suit) for a ride! His plane was suddenly and mysteriously grounded. Heard later that the Captain had had a little talk with him and set him on the straight and narrow once more.

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  1. Lowell Kuehnle MIA. 16 Jan 1942
    Lowell served as a Ensign & Co-Pilot on a PBO-1, Naval Squadron VP-82, 125th Patrol Bombing Squadron, U.S. Navy during World War II.

    He resided in California prior to the war.

    Lowell was declared with the rest of his fellow crewmen when his PBO-1, after taking off from Argentia, Newfoundland on a patrol, was lost in a storm in the Atlantic during the war.

    Service # O-083315

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Navy crew lost on this PBO-1:

    Bates, Clayton E ~ Ens, Pilot, NY
    Brown, Lon A, Jr ~ RM1C, Radio Operator, WA
    Kuehnle, Lowell F ~ Ens, Co-Pilot, CA
    Ostermeier, Robert D ~ AMM1C, NJ

    Source find a grave

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