Nov. 28, 1941 (Friday) 

Norfolk, VA and Washington DC

Waited around most of the morning first on one foot, then the other, for the Captain to sign my papers. He finally did, including my log, which pleased me to no end as I most wanted his verification of my “first pilotship.” Got all my gear squared away and Krill fixed me up with a ride to Washington — in a Cadillac convertible.

Some good boys in that squadron whom I hated to leave. Said good-bye to Frank Reynolds, Lowell Kuehnle, Bill Miller, Robert (Sweetie) Williams, Andy Bright, Gene Goodding, “Art” Irish, Bert Lunceford, Godfrey and Bontecou. Tried to get hold of Lt.Cmdr. W.D. Johnson here — but found out that he is in NY. Called Mary Gedney — same old Mary — had a date and wouldn’t break it. I do respect her for it, though. She’s a sweet, simple kid, beautiful enough to give even New York a jolt — and a potential romance — with no ambitions — hence no menace. Too bad.