Nov. 29, 1941 (Saturday)

New York

Got passport straightened out at State Dept. Called Mary Gedney and said good bye — promised to write her some time. Train to New York was full of soldiers. Found box from Trudes waiting for me at the Hotel Windsor — good old Stroodles. Called Marie Elliot just as she was leaving to get the tickets I had asked her to.

Took Marie to see “Bluebeard” at the Ballet Theatre — it was excellent. Music by Offenbach and superb dancing by entire cast. Afterwards we went to the Savoy-Plaza where Hildegaard is singing. Her voice is so good, but she puts herself over with her dynamic personality. The audience kept asking her to sing “Jenny” which was rather embarrassing for her, as Gertrude Laurence was there. Poor Marie had a cold — too much night life! (Wrote this Sunday morning, hence the messiness).

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