November 21, 1942 (Saturday)

Barbers Point NAS

Out to the Squadron for the late afternoon hop — bombing over Molokai again. Told Wally Jones, at the Halekulani, that I give him a buzz on the way out, and also on my way back. If I was in the high RPM on the way home it meant that I was coming into the monthly “full moon” dance at the hotel, despite the fact that Thompson had been unable to come.

Buzzed the cement “raft” on my way out, doing about 230, with my superchargers on. As I passed over I pulled up sharply and went over Diamond Head with a good 1000 feet to spare (kid stuff).

Bombing was bad due to bombsight — Honeywell difficulty. Had one close squeak with Fleming, who was also out bombing, when we both refused to give way despite a collision course. We sweated each other to the dropping point and then wheeled away, practically belly to belly.

Had one hell of a time getting into town from the squadron. Hitched a ride to Ewa, and managed to catch one of the last buses into town.

These buses which run to and from town via Aiea and Waipahu who are truly interesting sources of study of the Oriental Hawaiian. They rattle along at a brisk pace loaded with swaggering Filipinos, pregnant wahines, Jap schoolchildren, aged Chinese, and a million others. They are all quite friendly, especially with each other. Also very courteous towards women. The driver scolds and pats children, waves at acquaintances and makes jokes with the passengers. Passengers wave and call to their friends along the road. The city prison evoked a course of greetings from the bus this morning, as inmates were recognized at their work in the prison gardens. A white-haired, dignified old Filipino woman calmly rode all the way to Ewa, enjoying a large black cigar.

Turned up at the Halekulani too late for dinner which I had to forgo. Got rather “tight” getting vitamins the “liquid way.”

Unique in the recent history of these islands was the fact that for a short while at the party we actually had more women than men! A very fine party and dance. Managed to stay out of the coconut palms this time.

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