November 24, 1942 (Tuesday)

Barbers Point NAS

No hops today. Of our three planes, only one has been flying lately, while one is become nothing but a source of spare parts.

Heard over the radio tonight that Dick Fleming had received the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously. Poor old Dick. He, Al Frank, and myself, had some wonderful times together in New Orleans. Will never forget talking to him, Dick Blaine, “Mose” Mosley, and Fieberling the night before the battle in that little old board shack on Eastern Island at Midway. The next day all but Blaine died in action, hell, even the shack was demolished, and its beer cans scattered all over the island. Blaine paddled into the Midway lagoon about three days later in his rubber boat, with the usual sharks sniffing along behind.

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