Oct. 2, 1943 (Saturday)

Yucca Loma

There is no entry on this date as Nolan continues to grieve for his lost brother. In the back of the diary, however, Nolan transcribed some bawdy rhymes. Here is one:

“Our Fighting Men”

By a Marine on Guadalcanal

A Marine told his buddy on Guadalcanal

“The Army is coming — think of it, pal.”

His Corporal answered him, “Alright then,

“Let’s build a nice clubhouse for our fighting men.”

“Then they can entertain and maybe a play,

Recreation advisers from the W.P.A.

V.S.O. hostesses and movies galore

For the Army give Morale a very high score.”

“One thing,” said the chow hound, “We’ll eat better now.

Depend on the soldier to drag in the chow

They’ll start post exchanges, have ice cream no end.

Life has to be pleasant for ‘our fighting men.’”

A SeaBee rolled up and asked “What’s the score?

The cruisers and wagons are lying offshore

While scads of DD are sweeping the bay

Don’t tell me the army is landing today!”

They dashed to the beach when the boats hit the sand

Steel helmets, fixed bayonets and rifles in hand

Marines washing clothes, asked, “You lads going far?

What the hell is your hurry? Have you heard of a war?”

“Shut up,” said the sergeant, “Go limber your legs”

This barking at soldiers must come to an end

You must be respectful to ‘our fighting men.’”

“The generals outrank ours, so they’ll take command

New rules, new orders will govern the land

They have some MPs to show us around

When the Army takes over it sure shakes the ground.”

“We can take it,” said a Marine, “It won’t be long

 Till the admirals bellow and we’ll shove along.

And a little while later we’ll be landing again

to make Bougainville safe for ‘our fighting men.’”

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