Oct. 3, 1943 (Sunday)

Yucca Loma

There is no entry on this date as Nolan continues to grieve for his lost brother. In the back of the diary, however, Nolan transcribed some bawdy rhymes. Here is one:

What a Trick Aviator Dreams About

Guadalcanal, April ’43

A little wink of the eye

A little maiden passing by

A little smile, a little date

to meet you when the hour’s late

A little promise not to tell

A little room and some hotel

A little fussing on some chair

A little mussing of some hair

A little dream, a fond caress

A little question, answer, yes

A little shirtwaist laid aside

A little breast that tried to hide

A little hand that went a stealing

A little “please” with a funny feeling

A little coaxing, a little teasing

A form reveal that is most pleasing

A pair of panties, mostly lace

A little blush upon her face

A little shading of the light

A little bed with sheets so white

A little loving in the gloom

A little sigh — a quiet room

A pair of lips so warm and wet

A little whisper, please not yet!

A little pillow from the head

Slipped beneath the hips instead

A little effort to begin

A little help to get it in

Two little arms that grip me tight

And then I asked “Does it feel alright?”

She smiles and says, “Oh, it feels so good.”

And I reply, “I knew it would,”

Two little legs around me twine

Two happy eyes look into mine

A little movement to and fro

A little “Ah” a little “Oh” 

A little surge of something hot

A little whisper, “Give me all you got.”

Two hearts that give as one

Two little lovers having fun

A little effort to repeat

A little spot upon the sheet

A little shower when we’re through

A little drink or maybe two

A little sleep and finally then

Breakfast in bed at half past ten

A little bill, a little tip

A porter wishing a pleasant trip

A little weariness the next day

Like little children after play

A little wish that you and I

May get together bye-and-bye

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