October 7, 1943 (Thursday)


Bad connections at Pittsburgh. Slept on leather bench in Washington Air Terminal overnight. 

Pentagon Bldg. in morning before eight. Saw Gen. Marshall’s office. Found out that Noje died as a result of injuries received in a crash at his field in Tunisia! on Aug. 31. He was buried on Sept. 1st at the American Cemetery in Tunis.

Went to the Navy Dept. and got a little satisfaction on my request for transport duty. Had lunch with Mary Gedney whom I hadn’t seen or heard of for 2 1/2 years. Same old Mary – beautiful but dumb.

Caught the train to New York. Saw Marie Elliot outside her show (opening night) “One Touch of Venus” — a smash hit. She ran squeaking into the street and kissed me, smearing me thoroughly with makeup. Not unpleasant though.

To bed in a very dirty room at the Windsor. 

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