September 17, 1942 (Tuesday)

Ford Island, Pearl Harbor

Had tooth pulled this afternoon — good, quick job. Sliced up one finger in an electric fan this evening. When it rains, it pours.

Dope has come out here that we are definitely going to move to Barbers Point within the next few days. That means B-24s for sure – thank God. We are the envy of the other PatWing Two squadrons, who are all moving to Kaneohe in a few days.

Sam Glover and Joe Hall pulled in this morning from Alaska and the states. They had a pretty rough time up there, the weather was very bad. They’ve all been recommended for the air medal.

No definite dope on anything down in the Solomons yet. The newspapers are all beating around the bush and hinting at a big scrap going on. Hope our boys pull through O.K.

Called Marion and told her the squadron was leaving in a few days. When I tell her the destination’s Barbers Point she’ll bean me.