April 23, 1943 (Friday)

Nouméa, New Caledonia

A very wonderful spot, this hospital. Located directly upon a beautiful stretch of beach, it commands a striking view of the outlying islands and approaches at Nouméa Harbor. Consists mostly of prefabricated “H”-shaped metal huts of a very comfortable design.

The most astounding thing of all is the fact that Diane Brodie’s quarters are less than a block away. The USAFISPA headquarters G-2 are just across the road behind us.

Diane came over during her lunch hour and we talked of many things, including our last meeting, 13 months ago in Wellington. She looked very well — a most striking redhead; in fact the most in the South Pacific. This is going to be some convalescence!

Have various ill tasting medicines to take, before, after, and in between meals.