April 25, 1943 (Sunday)

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Easter Sunday. No eggs though. No church either, I’m ashamed to say. Haven’t been to church more than two or three times since the beginning of the war — might as well make a good job of it. (Faulty reasoning.)

Met Diane on the beach during her lunch hour. Sat in with a group of her friends. She has an amazing propensity for making friends, high and low alike. They range from Admiral Halsey on down. A most remarkable girl.

Showed up at the evening movie with Diane and her friend Mavis Nicolls in tow. Dr. Burkley (Lt.Cmdr.) in charge of SOQ, told me later in the evening that it caused quite a stir, as both the girls are pretty, and around here one is lucky to get one fair one.