April 27, 1943 (Tuesday)

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Went over to a nearby hut for a dental examination this morning, and before I knew it, the dentist had pulled out my right upper wisdom tooth, which leaves me now with only one (thoroughly impacted).

Rained all day. Didn’t see D., despite noon and evening dates. Hope there is no misunderstanding, as I didn’t phone.

Heard in the news tonight a description of the new Messerschmitt 323. Six engine “glider transport.” Needs assisted take off. Heavy load. Span, 105 feet. Large fuselage holds, truck, tank, or 180 men. Nose drops down to form ramp. Cruising speed 100 mph. Range, short. Easily shot down. These planes are undoubtedly the forerunners of a great class of postwar cargo carriers. The perfect answer to long-range heavy air freight combined with economy of operation.