Dec. 1, 1941 (Monday)

New York

Went up the see Central Aircraft in the RCA Bldg. at 11. They seemed glad to see me, and seemed to think that getting me into their outfit would be no trouble at all —and due to my experience in the “Hudsons” I would be most valuable to them. Mr. Clayborne is going to Washington tomorrow to make a test case of me (to see if it is possible to get things rolling before the first of the year).

Went to the Castleholm (smorgasbord) for dinner with Marie, and afterwards went to see “Dumbo,” which was very charming. Took Marie to Larue’s later for a warm-up — she opens there tomorrow night, and has been promised the job or the rest of the winter if she is well received — which I have no doubt she will be. She seemed most relieved over getting the job, as I suspect money troubles were plaguing her again. Went to Reubens for cheese cake and orange juice. And home to bed — fairly early.