Dec. 16, 1941 (Tuesday)


Am writing this on Thursday — God, what a three days! On Tuesday morning I got permission from Major Terrell to drive to Santa Clara to get a change of clothing. Borrowed a ’41 Olds from a 2nd Lt. Sault (a damn nice fellow) and drove to Santa Clara from Fresno in 2½ hours (averaging 64 mph). Got clean clothes and changed to greens at Gram’s, and after dinner at Gretches, drove back to Fresno (bettering my previous time by ten minutes). Arrived at 12:30, and after stumbling about for half an hour, discovered Pendola was gone, and that I was supposed to report in S.F. at 9 a.m. Got driven down to the station in a Recon car and found all the trains were running two to three hours late. Sat in the station for 2½ hours and let the flies crawl on me. Seems that the Army troop trains have the transportation system tied in a knot since the beginning of the war. Climbed aboard train and tried to sleep.